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Fitness Fluctuates

I weighed 15-20 lbs. lighter when I was an athlete. I was wrestling so I was intentionally cutting weight. Judging by the numbers on the scale, I might say I am not as fit or as healthy as I was during my wrestling career but I am healthy. I just biked 400 miles in 6 days with little to no prior bike training. I climbed a 14er without having performed any hiking in the last several months. I can bike to work every morning. I can take the stairs every day. The point is, it is easy to get caught up on numbers when it comes to fitness. Whether it be our Bench Press 1RM, our jean size, our weight, or our VO2max, fitness, as our society measures fitness, fluctuates. 

At Alchemy Training we focus on the process. We focus on staying healthy so we can perform the activities that we love. We have all heard a coach say at one time or another that if we focus on the process, the product takes care of itself; therefore, rather than focusing on the numbers, focus on the day to day decisions. 

We ask ourselves: today, did I make decisions that align with my health goals? What would a fit person do? Does this snack or that snack align with my values? Does the first 30 minutes of my morning scrolling through my phone or the first 30 minutes walking around the block help me get closer to my goals? Focus on the process. Train like an athlete. Remember, if the numbers do not reflect your daily health decisions stay committed to the process. 

Start Small. 

Start Simple. 

Start Today.

AUGUST 18, 2022

Why Alchemy

Alchemy is a medieval term that referred to the practice of turning elements into gold. Essentially, alchemy means transformation.

As a Strength Coach, it is my job to help transform the physiology of athletes so they can be successful. Beyond our physical training and equally important to me, is who athletes are becoming when they are training. Are we practicing discipline? Are we practicing gratitude? Do we feel confident and competent? Do we feel like we are set up to be successful? Do we feel supported? Do we support one another?

Athletic careers end.

While setting and accomplishing goals is an essential component of the athlete mindset, one of the primary questions we ask ourselves at Alchemy Training is: who we are becoming as we pursue our goals?


JULY 18, 2022


“In five years, I will have more time. I will have time to exercise. I will have time to read. I will be able to spend more money on my kids. I will be able to buy healthy foods. I will have more time for my partner. I just have to work hard now; then, I will live the life I envision for myself.” 

“I know I have said this before, but this time I mean it, I will start on Monday.”

“I tried to sign up for therapy, but I just don’t know how to pick a therapist.”

Sound familiar?

The key strategies for accomplishing fitness goals are the same strategies for reaching financial, relational, spiritual, identity, and career goals. The keys to success are: one, start small. As people, we like success and a little success leads to more success. Two, start simple. When we are overwhelmed with information and ideas, we do not know where to begin, we feel inadequate, and we never start. Three, start today. Not once you retire, or on Monday, or when you get the job you are working toward… We are all at least one excuse from the life we want to live.

Start Small. 

Start Simple. 

Start Today.

JUNE 17, 2022

Tune In

Notice something different today. Maybe a smell or a sight that you experience every day on your commute to work but you are not aware of it. Experience the mundane. This morning I noticed the birds outside my house when I poured my morning coffee.

Share what you tuned into today and we will post it on the blog!

MAY 15, 2022

Stress Is Good

Let us start by thinking of muscle development. We exercise, we are sore, and over time our muscles grow. We adapt. If we performed the same workout program for the rest of our lives, we would no longer have to adapt to new stress and our growth would plateau. The same is true about every stress we encounter. While chronic stress is unhealthy, we need seasonal bouts of stress in order to grow. STRESS IS GOOD.

APRIL 26, 2022

Life is Not About Balance

Most of us have probably encountered the saying: “Life is all about balance.” While it sounds nice, the longer I live, the more I realize, life is not a balancing act. The goal is not to find equilibrium between spending and saving, work and life, relaxation and doing, independence and dependence, or plan and live in the moment. I am either relaxing or I am working. At times, I am entirely dependent on others for support. Other times, I rely on my own intrinsic voice. I am either spending or I am saving. Immerse yourself. Commit wholeheartedly to one thing at a time. “There is a time and a season for everything under the sun.”

APRIL 26, 2022

School is Not About Attaining Knowledge

Some of the best advice I received in my undergrad was: “Education is not about attaining knowledge, it is about building habits. It is about learning about yourself.” School is less about y=mx+b and more about becoming the person we want to be. Be intentional. Are you becoming a morning person or a night owl? Are you practicing procrastinating or organized diligence? Do you practice positive or negative thought patterns? Are you avoiding difficult emotions with substance abuse or sitting in discomfort?

Pay attention to the habits you are building. Are they taking you closer or taking you farther away from the person you hope to become?

MARCH 15, 2022