Welcome, I’m Carson.

I’m a coach, adventure enthusiast and lover of life. My mission is to help others stay healthy with fun workouts and optimal health solutions.

Carson Pipher Owner of 5 Dollar Workouts

I am obsessed with understanding humans: our identity, how we can optimize success, and our well being.

I empower people to fulfill their dreams, ambitions, and goals. Right now my area of expertise is in exercise science (though it is difficult to see one’s self as an expert when it comes to the human body as there is always so much more to learn).

I currently help athletes win national titles, fulfill Olympic goals, and maximize their potential. I believe that underneath the athlete, the CEO, the parent, or the doctor, is a human being; and that is the person I am most interested in helping. That is why I created Alchemy Training: a platform to help athletes stay healthy and maximize their potential beyond their competitive career.

My $5 Workout Programs currently serves 30 post-career athletes who stay physically active and healthy. My long-term mission is to make proactive healthcare (exercise, mental health, and nutrition) affordable and accessible to all.

Certifications & Qualifications:

CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)
USAW L1 (USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certification)

M.A.Ed. Educational Leadership at Colorado Mesa University
B.A. History at Colorado Mesa University
A.A.S. Associates of Exercise Science at Colorado Mesa University

Carson currently works as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach at Colorado Mesa University. As such, she has the opportunity to work with the Men’s and Women’s Tennis team, the Men’s and Women’s Swim team, the Women’s Soccer team, the Women’s Wrestling team, the Women’s Lacrosse team, the Softball team, and the Triathlon team.

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