Sleep: Sleep is the greatest free tool to enhance mental, physical, and emotional health. To get the most out of your sleep: 

  • wake up & go to bed at roughly the same time every day 

  • get 2-5 minutes of sunlight in your eyes within 1 hour of waking 

  • avoid screen time one hour before going to sleep

Exercise: Exercise is a free anti-depressant and increases the quality of your life as you age. A simple regimen to follow: 

  • Resistance Train 2-3x per week 

  • Max HR 1-2x per week

  • 90 minutes of low intensity (walking pace) exercise 2-3x per week or 10,000 steps per day

Energy Givers: There are energy givers and energy drainers. Split your community of people into thirds and aim to make ⅓ mentors, heroes, or prophets; these are your energy givers. You leave conversations, interactions, or engagements with these people feeling completely full. 

Make another  ⅓  of your community energy equalizers. These are the people who take energy from you as well as give energy to you. These are your high quality friendships (serotonin). 

The final ⅓ of your relationships should be energy takers. This is where you give back. You uplift this group of people. You influence them: help them see the positive, offer insights or advice, and mentor them. In a sense you gain energy from these people because it is fulfilling work; however, if your quality friends are in this group, then you are subject to be drained of energy. 

Surround yourself with energy givers and energy equalizers when you are feeling drained: positive, upbeat, fun people. 

Sunshine: Sunshine is a free nutrient and a necessary nutrient. Sunshine affects your physiology on a scientific level. It enhances cognitive function, cellular function, and circadian rhythms. It is a free anti-depressant. 

Aim for 15-30 minutes per day–preferably in the morning to enhance your sleep patterns. 

Breath Practices: Make breathing simple: In for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4, in for 4… do this 3 times when you wake up, before you go to bed, and on your lunch break. 

Intentional breathing enhances your focus and reduces stress. For video follow along search Wim Hof on youtube. 

Self-Care: I completed my masters degree a few months ago. One of the biggest takeaways was a question: What does self-care look like for you? 

I began paying attention to what self-care looks like for me. What fills me up. What activities place my stresses on hold. 

For me it is reading, cooking a nutrient dense meal, hikes in nature, long walks in the sun, and quality time with quality people. 

Know what self-care looks like for you so you can be intentional about keeping your energy stores at an optimal level. 

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