$20 At Home Fitness

$5 Workouts

Who it is for:

  • The person who has not exercised consistently in the past 2-3 years
  • The person looking for a structured progression that encourages them to exercise daily
  • The person who is a stay at home parent
  • The person who cannot afford a gym membership
  • The person who does not have time to go to a gym every day
  • The person who does not have access to a gym
  • The person who is sick of dietary¬†fads and “lose weight quick” schemes
  • The person who wakes up with cranky joints (yes I had my parents in mind when I made this program ūüėČ though they are pretty darn healthy)
  • The person who wants to workout at home
  • The person who does not know where to begin but who is ready to¬†start now¬†

Who it is not for:

  • The person who is not committed to their health
  • The person who is looking for a get fit quick/lose weight fast scheme (you will lose weight and you will get fit but this is about healthy habits over a longer period of time)
  • The recently retired athlete, this will not be challenging enough
  • The person who enjoys heavy resistance training¬†¬†
  • The person who will not take 30 minutes – a 1 hour investment in their health every day
  • The person who needs a personal trainer, in person, to hold them accountable

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You will assume responsibilities for all risks whether feasible or not. Any and all claims against Alchemy Training must be through arbitration and not the judicial courts. 

In purchasing, you agree that exercise, weight training, and fitness training have inherent risks and dangers that no amount of care, caution, instruction, or expertise can eliminate, including but not limited to injuries or death. Furthermore, you assume the risks from failure or neglectful misuse of the exercise programming and guidance provided by Alchemy Training. You also agree in purchasing our product that this contract applies to any individual who may have privity to claim. 

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